Baltimore Lemonade

You're only minutes away from a delicious East Coast treat, Baltimore lemonade. Here's how to make this dead-simple "drink."

Image of lemons and porous peppermint sticks for Baltimore lemonade
Baltimore lemonade ingredients

The recipe


During the fourth quarter of the last century, Washinton, DC, hosted the American Folklife Festival on the Mall running from the capitol to the Washington Monument. It was a great event, and since it was summertime, the weather was hot and muggy. Hey, that's what you get for building on a swamp.

Anyway, a vendor was selling Baltimore Lemonade. It consisted of a large lemon with a hole cut in the top with a porous peppermint stick inserted. You sucked the peppermint stick like a straw and made delicious lemonade! Eventually, the peppermint dissolved, and you could squeeze out any remaining juice and enjoy that too!


Large lemons - you can also use oranges and small grapefruit!

Picture of large lemons
Buy fairly large lemons.

Porous peppermint sticks like these from Giambri's Gourmet Sweets.

Package of porous peppermint sticks
Package of porous peppermint sticks

Or these from

Picture of the perfect porous peppermint stick
The perfect porous peppermint stick


  1. Cut a hole at the top of the fruit, removing a core but not going all the way through.
  2. Insert peppermint stick.
  3. Enjoy!