Household items to collect for your perfect toolkit

A few simple household items are all you need to tackle a whole range of home DIY projects and repairs.

Common household materials for simple fixes
Common household materials for simple fixes

Time to assemble the materials to complete your projects. Having a few everyday items on hand can solve a remarkable number of household issues. Here are the ones I recommend strongly. Feel free to add your own as you see fit.

  • Wine corks - real cork for the purists, synthetic in a pinch - 6.
  • Not a consumer of wine? Ask friends who are to set some aside.
  • Champagne corks - real cork, not plastic - 6.
  • Toothpicks - round/square rather than flat - a box.
  • Wooden kitchen matches - a box.
  • String - I like both cotton and nylon, about an eighth of an inch in diameter  - a spool.
  • Paracord is nice to have around for more specialized projects.
  • Wire coat hangers - these are getting scarce - 4.
  • Paper clips - a box
  • A small bar of soap - leftover or from a hotel/motel stay.

Time now for a simple or quick fix!