Welcome to Simple Fixes

Experience the satisfaction that comes from doing things around the home yourself. No special skills or extensive tool kit is required.

Fixing a hinge yourself. Image from Pixabay.

There is a certain, real satisfaction from fixing something yourself. Sometimes, it's, "Huh, look what I just did." Other times, it's, "Wow, that worked!" Large or small, fixes you do yourself always give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. At least, they do for me.

If the COVD pandemic taught us one thing, it can be hard getting people to come to fix and repair things for us with lockdowns, social distancing, and so forth. If it is a major problem like the furnace not working at ten below zero or the water heater rupturing, you can arrange those repairs.

But, what if it is something minor? Chances are folks who've never tried to fix things themselves are prone to living with the annoyance, whatever it may be. Well, no more! This website is designed to put you firmly in the fix-it game, even if you don't have a tool to your name.

Ready to get started? Read on!